Types of Home Foundations

When building new home you need to know where to start. The start is the foundation. There are many types of foundations that you can use for a home. Which one you choose all depends on the type of house you want. Most houses have concrete foundations, but you can also have foundations made of […] read more

Common House Foundation Problems and Symptoms for Homeowners

With the housing market in disarray and people struggling just to hang on to their homes, it is easy to overlook one of the most serious and neglected issues when dealing with homes. House foundation problems can sneak up on a home owner if certain actions are not taken. Homes have been built in vast […] read more

Foundation Repair and House Leveling in Dallas, DFW, and Fort Worth

Foundation Repair and House Leveling Foundation Repair is not something most people like to think about. Foundation repair, sometimes referred to as house leveling or foundation underpinning, can be stressful, potentially expensive and if not done professionally, can be the cause of greater structural damage to your home. If your house is showing signs of […] read more

DFW Drought Leads to Foundation Problems needing Repair in Dallas

It’s no secret that homes in Dallas and across North Texas are in need of foundation repair due to the current drought conditions. Pro-Tech Foundation Repair is observing cracks an inch or greater wide in foundations, brick mortar, and drywall. Many of the home we provide a free foundation repair estimate to have shown other […] read more