Common House Foundation Problems and Symptoms for Homeowners

House Foundation ProblemsWith the housing market in disarray and people struggling just to hang on to their homes, it is easy to overlook one of the most serious and neglected issues when dealing with homes. House foundation problems can sneak up on a home owner if certain actions are not taken.

Homes have been built in vast landscapes across various landscapes to suit homeowners’ personal wants and needs. This however, can come at a price. When homes are built on some surfaces, it presents challenge to keep them structurally sound. Many homes suffer from unstable foundations that are based on loose sediment such as sand or finely ground gravel. While these home foundations are suitable at the time they are built, having them on such unstable surfaces can cause them to bend and crack. Homes can also be plagued by building on clay soils that are prone to drought and heavy rain that cause the soil to either expand or contract, thus creating a foundation failure.

If a home is built on any of the above foundations that were mentioned, the homeowner can usually look forward to a laundry list of problems. Perhaps the biggest issue is a foundation taking on moisture or severe drought that dries out the soil. Moisture, or lack thereof,  is a foundations worst enemy because it can open up a flood gate of problems. The problem with moisture is once it penetrates a foundation it will almost certainly lead to things like cracking, mold, and compromising the structural integrity of the home. If a foundation is taking on moisture there is a chance that when it rains, the foundation won’t allow from proper drainage, which will result in flooding of the foundation. Once a foundation takes on water it is past the point of return and will need some sort of repair to protect it from further damage. Another serious issue is a foundation shifting due to shrinking and expanding soil. If a foundation shifts because of the location it was build on or because of moisture instability in the ground, it can have a domino effect to the rest of the home. If a foundation is improperly built or shifts due to ground conditions, it can cost the homeowners a a great deal of money to fix. A shifting foundation can be the cause of problems such as leaking roofs, drafts, plumbing problems, and even fires if electrical connections become undone.

Foundations are a pivotal part to ensuring a home is built properly. Experiencing any of these problems would call for immediate action to prevent long term problems. If you’re experiencing any of the warning signs of foundation failure, contact Pro-Tech Foundation for a free foundation repair estimate.

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