Types of Home Foundations

Types of Home FoundationsWhen building new home you need to know where to start. The start is the foundation. There are many types of foundations that you can use for a home. Which one you choose all depends on the type of house you want. Most houses have concrete foundations, but you can also have foundations made of stone, wood, and brick. Those are just the most common types.

The first foundation to learn about is the most common type, concrete. Concrete foundations are used more than the others because they are less expensive and last for a very long time. Each type of foundation has its good and bad qualities. Concrete foundations can be used in many settings, and climates. They can also be used as stone if they are no grouted or reinforced. The downside to a concrete foundation is that it can crack, and cause major problems.

The second most common type of foundation used it today’s world is brick. Brick foundations are more costly, but are worth it. Brick foundations are very good foundations to use in areas that are commonly affected by tornados, because they tend to withstand the strong wind better that the other types of foundations. The downside of a brick foundation is that the mortar that the brick is laid with does crack over time, and can be expensive to fix.

Third on the list of foundation used today is stone. Stone is a very good to use as a foundation because it lasts for a very long time. Stone foundations will cost you some money, but in the end the stone will give your new home a very natural look. The downside of stone foundations is that like any other foundation it can break down, cause major problem, and it’s not an easy fix. The fourth type of foundation used commonly today is wood. Wood foundations are strong. They are not used as often as the others because; there are so many things that can go wrong with them. Weather, and animals such as termites, can ruin the foundation. In the long run this should be your last choice of foundations, they are less expensive to build, but also costly to fix.

In the end you have many options on the foundation you want to use for your home, the sturdy concrete, tough brick, beautiful stone, or strong wood. They are all good choices, but which one you pick needs to be determined by a professional, who can decide by judging climate, soil, and many other things. Overall when your home is completed you will know you’re safe because you chose the proper foundation. Enjoy building your new home, or remodeling, and restoring you old one. Each type of foundation may eventually require a foundation repair company to assess any movement or instability. In the event you are needing a repair, contact us today for a free foundation repair estimate!

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