DFW Drought Leads to Foundation Problems needing Repair in Dallas

DFW Drought - Foundation Repair Dallas

It’s no secret that homes in Dallas and across North Texas are in need of foundation repair due to the current drought conditions. Pro-Tech Foundation Repair is observing cracks an inch or greater wide in foundations, brick mortar, and drywall. Many of the home we provide a free foundation repair estimate to have shown other signs of foundation failure such as sticking doors with warped or misaligned door frames, broken window seals, large gaps or separation in the window frame from the bricks, and walls that have separated from the foundation.

This is all due to the shrinking and expansive nature of clay soils that are prevalent in the North Texas area. As North Texas is currently in a severe drought, Pro-Tech Foundation has seen many homes that are in desperate need of foundation repair. Delaying these repairs are not only a bad idea because of the structural impacts, but for your energy bills as well when window frames separate from the homes’ brick and allow outside air into your home.

During the Summer months of 2011, North Texas experienced over 100 straight days with over 100 degree heat and very little rainfall. This caused the clay soil to dry out and shrink substantially. Unlike soil, your home is not designed to weather these fluctuations in soil stability and cause the home’s foundation to break, crack, or shift.

While the costs of foundation repair┬ácan range from $1,500 to well over $20,000, it’s important to “Pro-Tech” your investment with immediate repair to avoid further costs associated with delayed repair. The sooner your foundation failure is remedied, the less your repair cost will be and further damage to your home will be prevented.

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