Home Foundation Repair Tips from Pro-Tech Foundation

Home foundation problems are of serious concern. However, these problems can be fixed with home foundation repair solutions. There are several major types of foundation damage. The damage can either cause, or be caused by another problem, often a plumbing one, but occasionally an exterior drainage one. Most foundation repairs or retro fittings should be […] read more

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Advanced Foundation Repair requires Expert Contractors

The foundation of a home is of the utmost importance. The house sits on the foundation, and damage to the foundation can cause problems with drainage, cosmetic damage inside the home, and can even cause devastating structural problems if left untreated. If you fear that there may be a need for advanced foundation repair at […] read more

Foundation Problem Warnings Signs and Failure Symptoms

The foundation is the most important part of your house. Changes or problems in your foundation can effect the beauty, function, and stability of your home. Most people don’t consider the weight of a house in the normal course of their day, but a house is a very heavy object. Just as a car can […] read more

Types of Home Foundations

When building new home you need to know where to start. The start is the foundation. There are many types of foundations that you can use for a home. Which one you choose all depends on the type of house you want. Most houses have concrete foundations, but you can also have foundations made of […] read more

Common House Foundation Problems and Symptoms for Homeowners

With the housing market in disarray and people struggling just to hang on to their homes, it is easy to overlook one of the most serious and neglected issues when dealing with homes. House foundation problems can sneak up on a home owner if certain actions are not taken. Homes have been built in vast […] read more