Foundation Problem Warnings Signs and Failure Symptoms

The foundation is the most important part of your house. Changes or problems in your foundation can effect the beauty, function, and stability of your home. Most people don’t consider the weight of a house in the normal course of their day, but a house is a very heavy object. Just as a car can […] read more

Foundation Repair and House Leveling in Dallas, DFW, and Fort Worth

Foundation Repair and House Leveling Foundation Repair is not something most people like to think about. Foundation repair, sometimes referred to as house leveling or foundation underpinning, can be stressful, potentially expensive and if not done professionally, can be the cause of greater structural damage to your home. If your house is showing signs of […] read more

Cons of Pressed Piling Piers, Alternative to Pressed Piers

Pressed Piling Pier Foundation Repair There are many cons or disadvantages of having a foundation repair company install pressed concrete piers or “piling piers” in your foundation to correct its failure. In Dallas and the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, pressed concrete piers are generally not recommended due to the high failure rate and limited […] read more